The University of Arizona 
Space Institute

The University Arizona Space Institute (UASI) supports space research across the University of Arizona. We do this in multiple, intersecting ways, providing critical resources and expertise to continue the long-term excellence in space sciences at the University of Arizona. 


From Earth to the edge of the universe, 

Where can we take you?

Space Mission and Instrument Development

UASI supports includes seed grants and proposal assistance for faculty members submitting large proposals for space mission and instrument development to NASA, the NSF, private foundations, and other sponsors. UASI is the only UA entity which has Earned Value Capability. Areas of focus include Astrophysics, Planetary Science, Earth Science, Human Space Exploration, and more. 


UASI operates several buildings on campus: the Applied Research Building (ARB), the Mission Integration Lab (MIL), and the Grand Challenges Research Buildings. These facilities provide research spaces, and support for mission development. The ARB includes our Multi Mission Operations (MMO) Center, which supports NASA Class-D missions and below. The MMO is currently supporting missions: GUSTO, CatSat, and Pandora.

Current Space Projects

UASI is currently supporting a range of programs across Colleges and Departments at the University of Arizona, as well as for outside partners. These include Aspera (a NASA SmallSat), GUSTO (a NASA Explorer Balloon Payload), OSIRIS-APEX (extended mission of OSIRIS-Rex), CatSat (a student led SmallSat Project), Pandora (a NASA SmallSat), and more.

Our Vision

The UASI is a driving force in advancing the University of Arizona’s role as the world’s leading university for space science, human and robotic exploration, astrobiology/exoplanets research, space situational awareness research, and planetary defense.

Our Mission

The UASI weaves a thread through all it pursues, bringing to bear the exceptional attributes of the UA through research and the formulation, proposal development and management of major projects and space missions, advancing our understanding of the Earth and Universe.