The Applied Research Building

The Applied Research Building (ARB) is a highly specialized, one-of-a-kind, 89,000-square-foot facility that pairs new applied research capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and brings together several interdisciplinary university programs under one roof.

It will provide regionally unique capabilities for the university, allow for expansion of industry and advanced manufacturing partnerships, and turn research and discovery into practical, real-world solutions that produce societal impact.

The Grand Challenges Research Building

The new Grand Challenges Research Building is a seven-story interdisciplinary masterpiece with every inch designed to foster collaboration in research and technology that will fundamentally shape the future of our society.

The Mission Integration Lab

The Mission Integration Lab accommodates balloon-borne astronomy, which fills an important niche between ground-based observatories and space telescopes, providing an ideal way to deploy telescopes and other instruments to altitudes where they experience less interference from the Earth's atmosphere. Modern balloon-borne observatories offer space-like views of the universe in missions that require a fraction of the time and cost of a full space mission. These missions are also a platform to test cutting-edge technologies that will define future orbital missions.